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Who can claim to not know who Rudolph Valentino is, or his fame as a Latin lover? What could it have been like to be loved by him, this most famous of seducers? “Valentino & I: Timeless Love” is a love story of the most renowned seducer of all time. It alternates between reality and fantasy, love and intrigue without time or space, and revives the figure of the “Latin Lover” Rudolph Valentino, star of the roaring twenties. The novel revolves around the breaking of barriers by a great love, a contemporary diary where everything changes and nothing is what it seems. Anna will see her life change and turn upside down as she travels back in time with hope and surprises.  She will get to know Rudolph Valentino, and together they live a passionate tale rich in twists throughout. Brimming with adventure, fun, passion and humour, the story will leave the reader breathless to the very last page.
Synopsis Maria Pasquinelli: After watching a TV program, Anna encounters Rudolph Valentino, a star of silent films. No longer as young as she used to be, Anna rediscovers her teenage passion with him.
Anna has a job she loves, a perpetually busy husband and one great passion: Rudolph Valentino. She spends her free time watching the great seducer’s films, browsing for information on him online, fantasising over getting to know him, living in the twenties, and driving a legendary Isotta Fraschini. Then, one day... is it a dream or reality? Rudolph (or his shade) barges into her life, filling it with love, passion and mystery. Anna is confused, her preconceptions challenged. Her whole life changes, her previously monotonous existence suddenly full, joyful and emotional... Thus begins the most incredible adventure of her life!

After having faked his own death, Rudolph Valentino returns to Anna.
Having forsaken fame and fortune, he has assumed a new identity in order to live freely with the woman he loves, unfettered by time and space.
A country house, a child in the works... It all seems so perfect.
But how did Rudolph take Anna back in time? What is the mystery behind their love story?
It begins again, veiled in mystery and a pinch of joy...
Life or death, fantasy or reality.
The actor takes on the role of the common man.
Lost in time, Rudolph Valentino and Anna plunge into adventure with an agility worthy of the best acrobats.
The common denominator is, as always, love.
Anna and Rudolph, whether they are in the roaring twenties, the present or the future, continue their adventure beyond time and space, clutching onto that wanderlust that characterizes them.
A new and exciting chapter of the duo’s adventure, guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page.
Don’t be fooled. You know how it is: nothing is as it seems.
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